ZAMAR - Voice of Praise 

Zamar is one of the 7 Hebrew words of praise in the Torah. Wherever you see the words “sing praise”, that is the word Zamar.  There are 4 songs in order of event on this album.  The first one, "Hoshanna" (the Hebrew pronunciation of the word Hosana) portrays what is commonly called the triumphal entry.  "Surely" and "In the Morning" are about the crucifixion and resurrection of Yeshua the Messiah. "Behold the Bridegroom" depicts some of the elements of the Jewish wedding, illustrating the second coming of Yeshua.

Songs included in the album: 
1.      Sing o daughter 
2.      Psalm 30
3.      Hear me
4.      Hoshanna 
5.      Surely/In the Morning
6.      Behold the Bridegroom
7.      Praise the Lord in Song
8.      Yeshua Morning Star
9.      A Heart’s Cry
10.   To Glorify You
11.   Who shall separate us? 
12.   I will praise you, Lord
13.   Be still

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