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Dr. Ellouise has been an online tutor since 2014. She is comfortable with Zoom and other online platforms. She loves children’s classics such as The Box Car Children, Anne of Green Gables, Charlotte’s Web, and many others. She is able to relate to her students and creates relationships with ages from 4 to 18.

The research for her Master’s Thesis, entitled “Serving Healthy Foods in a Childcare” included over 300 books read, and interviews with various nutritional experts.

The knowledge gained from her Ph.D. Dissertation, entitled “A Study of the Knowledge and Practices of Mothers in America Regarding Nutrition” was the basis for the chapter which she contributed to the nationally published book, “Surviving the American High-Tech Diet”.

She is currently writing another book entitled, Healthy Choices, Healthy Children along with a companion cookbook.


ECE Consultants has a long history of helping students.


The year 1985 – ECE Consultants was created. It has transitioned through many stages and is now an online tutoring service. Services offered include such genres as reading comprehension, reading fluency, phonics tricks for future reading, and a love of reading.

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