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Welcome to our website! Dr. Ellouise is an experienced leader in the ECE field. Formerly an Owner/Director/Principal of a Preschool/Childcare/State Approved K-6, she has much practical experience. In addition, she holds an AA with ECE emphasis, a BA with a business emphasis, a Masters in Human Development, and a Ph.D. in Education. She provides private tutoring in various subjects with various age groups.

We can help you with any number of issues such as helping your child with reading comprehension, pronunciation, and fluency. She can also help with lower math. Her rates are consistent with industry standards.

Why Choose Us?

People Person

Dr. Ellouise is very patient.

In all of her online feedback from her online classes, Dr. Ellouise was said to be “very energetic”


Dr. Ellouise helps students with pronunciation, grammar, comprehension, and how things are different now fro when the Children’s classics were written.


Dr. Ellouise shares tips during class such as: “when 2 vowels go walking, the first one does the talking.”

Building Relationships

Dr. Ellouise is able to interact and develop relationships with her students.

Free Reports

Feedback also included the fact that her feedback was entered in a timely manner.


Dr. Ellouise gives a rubric feedback after each lesson.

What Customers Say

These are our most recent testimonials about our service. 

Dr. Ellouise was very patient and kept my son engaged. She asked excellent questions to gauge comprehension. I highly recommend her for any young reader. 



I want to express my gratitude to you for teaching my son! Your concentration, professional skills, patience, and quick feedback impressed us! Thank you very much again & we all had a wonderful moment & memory. 



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